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In May, 74.2% of economic analysts consulted for Fedesarrollo’s Financial Opinion (EOF) survey expected a devaluation of the index. MSCI Colcap subordinate Colombian Stock Exchange In the next three months.

common stock of Bancolombia, Grupo Energía Bogotá (GEB) and Grupo Argos They are rated as the most attractive among those that make up the index. followed by work Ecopetrol and Bancolombia preferential.

Portfolio managers have increased their preferences for cash, commodities, TES UVR, private debt indexed to IPC, private debt indexed to DTF, and private debt indexed to IBR, according to EOF.

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Considering that next Friday The Banco de la República Board of Directors will not take a decision on monetary policy, For this release of EOF, the percentage of analysts who expect the rate to remain at 6% at the end of the month is 87.5%. 6.25% expected an increase of up to 7%, while the remaining 6.25% expected it to reach 7.5%.

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Growth forecasts for 2022 ranged between 4.9% and 5.3%, with an average response of 5.0%. The median forecast for 2023 was 3.5%, with a range of 3.0% to 3.8%.

Month-end and year-end inflation forecasts are 9.1% and 8%, Straight.

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