Why Argentina is among the most sought after by foreign companies

Argentina ranks third In the global classification of countries With a greater number of workers employed by foreign companies, After the Philippines and the United States.

Buenos Aires is among the five cities With the largest number of people working remotely for companies in other countries, along with London, Toronto, Madrid and San Francisco. 51% of them are between 25 and 34 years old, while 32% are between 35 and 44 years old.

According to data provided by HR-Tech, Argentine talent is mostly employed by companies from United States, United Kingdom, Mexico and Chile.

What makes the country a hotbed of talent for export? “International recruitment continues to rise and we are noticing Argentine talent “It still holds a leading position.”explains Natalia Jimenez, Regional Director for Spanish-speaking Latin America at Deel.

“In this fourth edition, we have observed a continued interest from international companies in Argentine talent and, at the same time, an increase in the interest of local companies to recruit in other markets to expand their business,” he says.

“Companies around the world are highlighting this The local professionals are very well trained and have a high level of English (One of the best in the region),” highlights the expert; he emphasizes that this is “usually an exclusive requirement” to access international remote job offers.

Although the pandemic has caused a change in the way we work, today there is a strong trend towards a return to presence, and numbers show that remote work continues. On the global HR platform They estimate that there are more than 250,000 digital nomads working around the world. In fact, 85% of contracts concluded through its platform are for Remote positions.

The study analyzes more than 300,000 contracts created in 160 countries through its system, and data from more than 20,000 customers and external information sources, to describe global workforce trends over the past year.

“This report allows us to see how the world of work is evolving from a team building perspective; looking beyond borders for talent has been strengthened in the last three years as a strong trend and Deel has been the The champion, as it has helped more than 20,000 companies around the world expand their business.” in the statement.

Why has Argentine talent become an object of desire in the world?

Argentine talent is in demand to work in the world, in addition, because Very good training and high level of EnglishThere are other spices that make Argentines special.

Time zone Where is Argentina located? represents an advantage for local talent, “Over the Northern Hemisphere, for example,” Jimenez explains. In this sense, the specialist adds: “We are talking about Professionals belonging to the knowledge economy, “A very thriving sector in the country.”

Salaries in dollars

“The average salary for a senior software engineer hired remotely abroad was US$171,300 per year through 2023, surpassing Colombia with an average of US$146,200, and Mexico with an average of US$168,000. For its part, Brazil tops the Latin American salary index at $244,800. On average, in the region, “Salaries in dollars rise by 2% compared to 2022.”.

The most prominent professions for internationalizing work

The most in-demand roles for global recruitment are related to Education, Finance and Customer Service. In addition to software developers, educators, customer success administrators, and financial specialists are added as the most frequently hired professionals.

“While each company is adopting the work dynamic that best suits their business (100% remote, hybrid or in-person,” they assert from Deel), We see that companies are interested in starting to look for talent on a broader scale Where there are no limits is a trend that continues to rise.

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