Who will be the guests on Saturday 9th July?

This Saturday, July 9, a new chapter is coming to the premiere of La Divina Comida.

This is the 16th episode of CHV’s eighth season, which premiered on March 5.

Who will be the host on Saturday 9th at La Divina Comida?

It’s a movie for “Chopped”, where the actress shares a table Yasmine Valdesjournalist Lucia Lopezformer reality boy Josh Bebo and the music Mikhail.

“This Saturday is the first chapter! 🥂🥳 We have an entertainment special with ‘Chopped’ from #LaDivinaComida, who are seeking revenge on the show, how will it go?” Instagram account of divine food.


“Friends, on Saturday this divine food in Chilevision. It was so cool and fun 🎵❤️”, Miguel wrote on social networks.

“Thank you Josh for your good energy, we need more people like you! Added national music.

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What is divine food?

The Divine Food, produced by Kuarzo TV, is a franchise of the TV series Come Dine with Me, original from the United Kingdom.

In each episode of La Divina Comida, four celebrities host a one-night stand and prepare a dinner that includes an appetizer, a main course, and a dessert. The other participants savor each dish throughout the evening.

Participants then rate each cook, assigning a score from 1 to 7. The participant with the highest score wins the title of Best Host.

What time are they broadcasting La Divina Comida?

The program is broadcast on CHV screens every Saturday at 10:00 pm.

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Who is the voice of La Divina Comeda?

Jani Dueñas, actress and comedian, is the voiceover on all episodes of La Divina Comida.

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