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Since the premiere last Saturday 9 October “¿¿Who is the mask?? It became one of the most supported software ever Colombia. A contest program that brings together different celebrities in disguise to hide their true identity took weekend nights RCN . channel. As the festivals continue, they meet the new characters of Season Three.

“Who’s the Mask” is a game show inspired by the South Korean production of “The King of Mask Singer” and presented by comedian and entrepreneur Peter Albeiro. As other countries have done, the project was adapted based on other international versions of the same program to amuse Colombian viewers on Saturdays and Sundays.

Who are the new characters in the second stage?

After ‘Zorro’ was dedicated as the first finalist in the latest edition of ‘Zorro’‘, by being able to go unmasked in the first cycle of the competition program and winning unique characters like Mono-titi, Cockatoo and Gallinazo in battles, new characters arrive for the start of Phase Two and the jury prepares to guess their identities. Here is a list of the new characters starting to appear this weekend:

  1. monster
  2. wrist
  3. Hummingbird
  4. Pink grapefruit
  5. crocodile
  6. kermit the frog
  7. Marimonda
  8. spider
  9. ghee
  10. Orchid flower
  11. mother mountain
  12. panda
  13. quetzal
  14. rabbit
  15. Biz

What are the characters that were discovered in the first stage?

“Zorro” is the only one of 13 characters who entered the first phase of “Who’s the Mask” and the identity of the famous person wearing the costume is still unknown. The character took such a leading role that the audience themselves chose him so that his identity would not be revealed. However, the judges have already managed to reveal the other contestants:

  • Beto Vela Jr. was the marmoset monkey.
  • Aida Victoria Merlano the body of Esmeralda.
  • Alicia Machado was in the guise of a cockatoo.
  • Claudia Bahamon applied to the skin of Mariposa.
  • Sebastian Villalobos was Galinazo.
  • Natalia Bedoya became Palenquera.
  • Raffaella (Marbel’s daughter) played the role of Gato.
  • Alejandro Martinez used an armadillo costume.
  • Nairo Quintana is placed on the skin of a chameleon.
  • Xiomara Xibille was the owl.
  • The body of Jorge Cardenas Pantera.
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Who is the mask: what is it about?

Who is the mask? It has the participation of celebrities hiding under a mask. The format consists of 13 anonymous celebrities who play when they are discovered in flashy clothes or disguise to perform a song on stage. It won’t be easy at all for the jury, as your voice will be modified so that you can’t be identified.

How do you vote for your favourite?

Viewers will be able to support their favorite character after their performance in Who’s the Mask? Colombia, leave your voice on social networks with the number #The animal’s name is. Contestants will have to show all their talents on stage in order not to be discovered by the demanding jury, but in the end someone will have to reveal their face.

In which countries was the program released?

Who is the mask? It’s a format that comes from the talented South Korean show “King of Mask Singer”. The program has been very successful and has been adapted with great acceptance in countries such as Australia, France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Mexico, Colombia etc, where they have been able to integrate with the support of the audience due to their high audience ratings.

Who is the mask?: Where to see and timing

Who is the mask? It is broadcast in Colombia every Saturday and Sunday through the RCN Televisión signal. The musical program is directed by Peter Albeiro and Susy Mora and has jurors Lina Tejero, Alejandra Azcarat, Juanda Caribe and Lynn. You can also watch the second stage of the competition online through the live signal you provide .

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