Who is Araceli Mondragón, the person who will replace the certified laughter yoga of INE

Araceli Mondragón González appointed to replace laughter yoga specialist (Private / INE)

This Wednesday, the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH(Handed his new appointment to form part of the technical committee of the National Electoral Institute)INE) After the criticisms that led to the appointment Maria del Socorro Poga Lovano.

Since his profile was questioned after appearing in his autobiography a Certificate in Laughter Yoga I do not have any experience related to the position I will be filling. So they sent a new proposal: It’s about Araceli Mondragon Gonzalez.

The new appointment was announced by the Chairman of the Political Coordination Council (Jocopo) Parliament , Ignacio Mir Velazco during a press conference in San Lazaro.

In this regard, he stated that she had received a grant from the National Science and Technology Council (Consit) with studies of a political nature and political science, as well as “several PhDs, postdocs. He has mainly worked at the Academy. She is a researcher.”

Araceli Mondragon González, new member of the Technical Evaluation Committee (Private)
Araceli Mondragon González, new member of the Technical Evaluation Committee (Private)

Mondragón González Graduate Degree in Political science and public administration from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAMSince 1994, she has worked in the educational field, where she worked as an assistant professor of political economy and social theory at the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences at UNAM University until 1997.

While in the College of Sciences and Humanities (CCH) served as Secretary of Planning for Coordination from 1993 to 1997.

A year later, she became tenured professor of political and social sciences 1 and 2 at CCH Sur, to be Full-time academic technician. In the following years he will continue to teach and support research projects.

Until 2001, he entered the political field by being part of the Legislative Assembly of the Federal District in the Technical Secretariat of the Sports and Recreation Committee until 2003.

In the following years, he continued teaching at Colegio Mexiquense, AC (2003-2004), Superior Normal School of Mexico State (2003-2005), Technological Institute of Graduate Studies of Monterrey, Mexico City Campus (2008), Veracruz College (2010), and the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts (2010-2011, 2019).

Kenya Lopez-Rabadan has accused the National Human Rights Council's proposal to be a campaigner in Morena (PAN).
Kenya Lopez-Rabadan has accused the National Human Rights Council’s proposal to be a campaigner in Morena (PAN).

And from 2010 to date, she is a full-time research professor at Autonoma Metropolitana University, Xochimilco Unit.

In addition, she has been a researcher on projects such as Local Studies, Culture, and Organization. Published books in magazines such as: new worlds. America and Utopia Between Space and Time, Central Journal of Sociology and Advocacy for Critical Thinking: A Dialogue on Marx in the Twenty-First Century.

He also published and participated in the press and editorial field in magazines such as Journal of Politics and Culture, Journal of Memory, Critical Readings for the Twenty-First Century as well Also On the Editorial Committee of DCSH UAM Xochimilco.

Members of the advisory board of the National Human Rights Council stated that they were not consulted (Twitter / @espinosamente)
Members of the advisory board of the National Human Rights Council stated that they were not consulted (Twitter / @espinosamente)

According to the statement, which was circulated on social media, last Tuesday, the organization is committed to exercising the human right to democracy and given the importance of the commission’s technical evaluation committee. He announced that he would review his female proposal profile, referring to Pugha Lovano.

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Well, they highlight that although they are appointed according to the criteria of the NHRC, “to avoid suspicion and contribute to the reliability and transparency of the new integration of the NIS, we are already analyzing a new proposal, to submit it to the House Policy Coordination Board.”

And this is no less, as the Shura Council also disagreed with the appointments, claiming that they were not reported and that the process took place in complete obscurity.

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