Who are the two Starliner astronauts who fear not returning to Earth?

The state of uncertainty is increasing around the two astronauts who fear that they will not be able to return to Earth due to a technical malfunction in the Starliner spacecraft that transported them into space. Sonny Williams and Butch Wilmore could return as early as the end of this month.

NASA announced that the return of the Boeing Starliner spacecraft to Earth from the International Space Station, which was scheduled for June 26, has been postponed again. This new postponement will allow more time to investigate the fuel problems and helium leaks that caused the first delay.

The first crewed Starliner mission to the International Space Station – with two astronauts on board – was supposed to last about eight days, but has now been extended to an unspecified date. The US space agency stated that “NASA and Boeing authorities are working to modify the ship’s return to Earth.”

The ship departed from Florida on June 5 NASA selected two crew members who are not only experts, but also veterans. Together they have accumulated more than 500 missions in orbit, which was the main reason they were assigned to this mission.

Sunita, her full name, is an American astronaut born in 1965 and has been part of NASA since 1998. One of the most notable achievements in her career is her appointment as a second lieutenant in the US Navy, while she is an experienced driver. From fighter planes and helicopters.

After 26 years at NASA, it’s built up around him 320 days in space (Not counting this trip), being the second woman in history to collect that time. This is his third mission aboard the International Space Station.

Butch Wilmore, born in 1962, is a veteran astronaut who has made two spaceflights. Regarding his professional career, He spent 178 days in space, more than 8,000 flight hours and 663 carrier landings. It was formed in US Naval Test Pilot School (USNTPS), Wilmore.

Barry Wilmore joined NASA in 2000 and has been decorated on several occasions by the same entity and the US Army. Among the confessions A NASA Distinguished Service Medal, two NASA Spaceflight Medals, and two Navy Medals of Merit.

Why can’t astronauts return to Earth?

NASA announced that the astronauts Sonny Williams as Butch WilmoreIt will not return to Earth before June 26 due to a series of problems on board. This is in addition to the delays that Boeing experienced with the Starliner for years and the harassment that led to its launch being postponed at least six times.

According to statements by Steve Stitch, Director NASA Commercial Crew ProgramHowever, they do not believe that the Starliner will not be able to return astronauts “We really want to work with the rest of the data.” available. The main obstacles they faced included helium leaks and shutdowns of thrusters.

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