Who are the richest young people under the age of 30 in the UK?

Heat magazine revealed the list of the 30 richest celebrities in the United Kingdom for the year 2019. According to the British publication, Musician Ed Sheeran became number one in the ranking With wealth beyond 170 million poundswhich is approximately the value of, It will be about 740 billion Colombian pesos.

According to Hit, Ed Sheeran had doubled his huge account since 2018, when he undertook a successful concert tour (“Divide”) that prompted him to offer more than 250 presentations around the planet in front of 7 million fans. He also had another important source of income from the copyrights to songs he wrote for other artists, in addition to the 50 million records he sold.

In second place is the hero of the Harry Potter saga, the actor Daniel RadcliffeBy 90 million pounds (391 billion); Followed by the former member of One Direction Harry Stiles With 64 million pounds (278 billion).

This is the complete list Among the richest people under 30 in the UK:

  1. Ed Sheeran, 28 (£170m)
  2. Daniel Radcliffe, 30 (£90m)
  3. Harry Styles, 25 (£64m)
  4. Emma Watson, 29 (£57m)
  5. Niall Horan, 26 (£54.8m)
  6. The Little Mix Girls (£50 million)
  7. Louis Tomlinson, 27 (£46m)
  8. Liam Payne, 26 (£44m)
  9. Cara Delevingne, 27 (£39.5m)
  10. Zayn Malik, 26 (£38m)
  11. Sam Smith, 27 (£34m)
  12. Aaron Taylor-Johnson, 29 (£21m)
  13. Rita Ora, 28 (£17.8m)
  14. Stormzy, 26 (£12m)
  15. Dua Lipa, 24 (£11.8m)
  16. 1975 (£10.9 million)
  17. Sophie Turner, 23 (£8.5m)
  18. Daisy Ridley, 27 (£8.4m)
  19. Nicholas Hoult 29 years (8.3m)
  20. Dev Patel, 29 (£7.5m)
  21. John Boyega, 27 (£6.6m)
  22. Sam Faiers, 28 (£6.3m)
  23. Joey Essex, 29 (£6.3m)
  24. Tommy Mallett, 27 (£5.2m)
  25. Maisie Williams, 22 (£4.5m)
  26. George Ezra, 26 (£4.4m)
  27. Jess Glynn, 30 (£4.4m)
  28. Olivia and Alex Bowen, 25 and 28 (£4.3m – combined)
  29. Billy Fires, 29 (£3.6m)
  30. Tom Holland, 23 (£3.5m)

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