Who are the celebrities who attended Paul McCartney's concert in Mexico?

Paul McCartney gave his first concert in Mexico City, where many celebrities also attended

the Concerts this 2023 Carry on a lot Mexicointernational artists continue to arrive on Mexican soil to perform for thousands of people Fans.

On November 14th it was his turn Paul McCartneyone of the members of the famous band the Beatleswho was present at Mexico City To present his tour “I had returned” In the Seoul Forum.

Thousands of people of all ages came to watch and hear the British singer perform songs like “Give Me Up”, “I Gotta Bring You Into My Life”, “Let Them In”, “Baby in Love”among other things.

The ceremony was also attended by many celebrities, including the singer Lenny KravitzWhich pleasantly surprised those present. He was caught by some curious onlookers as he made his way through the crowd, and although it caused a stir, his presence did not cause any major setbacks. The accessible “One More Time” singer allowed his fans to take photos of the lucky ones who were nearby. He even greeted and took pictures with some of the attendees.

Nancy ShevellPaul McCartney's partner was also present at Foro Soul to listen to him, and he did not miss the opportunity to dedicate the song to him “My Valentine”In addition, attendees approached her asking for a photo of her.

Olivia Harrisonthe widow of George Harrison, came to Foro Soul to watch Paul's concert, which she discovered was present in the audience and for this reason she dedicated a song “something”.

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The night in Mexico City was amazing after Paul McCartney's return to Mexican soil.

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