Where to get free courses and how to get scholarships to study in the UK

currently, Technology is a key piece So that people can not only connect while they are away, but also It allows those interested in continuing training in their professions to do so without leaving their homes.

Nowadays, this progress means that many people are choosing to be able to take online courses that help them develop knowledge in practical life.

In this sense, Leandro Ruud, in his program the night by C5NShow a series of video clips found on social networks Different sources not only to be able to study online and for free But also get scholarships in the UK to study and live there.

Where to get free courses and how to get scholarships to study in the UK

Harvard University offers free courses in artificial intelligence

For all those who work in the IT sector and want to increase their potential, Harvard University offers free English courses that you can follow online.

  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python
  • Data science: machine learning
  • TinyML basics
  • High-dimensional data analysis
  • Data Science: Capstone

Free courses on Classeflix.com

The Classeflix.com platform has a Netflix-like format where hundreds of courses are offered in different languages ​​and with certificates for different categories such as, e.g.

  • artificial intelligence
  • To get a job
  • To make advertisements on the Internet
  • Learning languages
  • graphic design

Three scholarships to study and live in the UK

Cambridge portal: Postgraduate scholarships at the University of Cambridge in England are considered among the most prestigious international scholarships. The benefits are:

  • Exemption from tuition fees and other administrative expenses at the university
  • Maintenance allowance of £20,000 for one year (12 months)
  • Round-trip flight tickets to the country of origin
  • visa
  • health insurance
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Rhodes Scholarships: Covers Oxford University course fees. Providing £16,900 per year, scholarship recipients pay all living expenses, including accommodation, food, air tickets and visas, covering 100% of their studies. Please note that this is not enough to cover partners or dependents.

Clarendon Fund Benefits: It provides a new prestigious opportunity for high-level foreign students interested in the field of Master’s degree. It provides 16,900 pounds annually for housing and food, and covers 100% of the tuition.

Despite receiving these scholarships, students will be able to work legally in the United Kingdom.

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