When should you use WhatsApp tools that take up storage space? Sports play

If you do not have enough storage space on your iOS or Android cell phone, you will no longer be able to send or receive messages or multimedia files from WhatsApp Because each one has a different weight. The application further complicates the situation because it has just launched new functions that can quickly occupy the internal memory of the mobile device if used incorrectly.

On this occasion from Debord, we will tell you what these are Options that if used daily can occupy all the internal memory of your smartphone in a short time; In addition, you will also know when to use these functions.

There are only three tools you should use sparingly, or else You’ll pay your phone manufacturer to get more storage. It is necessary to clarify that backups will now also take up space on Google Drive.

These are the WhatsApp functions that occupy the bulk of memory on your cell phone

  • state: The stories you post daily are stored in an internal folder on the device, created by WhatsApp to organize all the multimedia files you send or receive.
  • Ideally, you should only post photos or texts and videos at important moments.
  • Share as a document: Every time you send a video as a “document,” the clip retains its original quality, which means it is not compressed by Meta.
  • Only do this when you really want your contacts to see content details. The maximum size per file is 2 GB.
  • High resolution: From now on, you can send photos and video clips in high quality through your personal or group conversations. Yes, they are compressed, but they will be stored in the internal folders with a higher weight than the standard.
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WhatsApp copies will take up your cloud storage space

  • Before you start, remember this Google Drive It is no longer free and only offers you up to 15GB of storage space.
  • This amount is shared simultaneously with Google Photos and Gmail. If you use up all the space, you’ll have to delete some files or pay monthly for a Google One subscription.
  • copies WhatsApp They usually weigh more than 5GB, so they will pose a risk to your cloud storage.
  • These documents are useful when you change phones and want to link your account on the new device without losing your conversation data.
  • It is true that there is a way to transfer chats to another mobile phone without relying on Google, but all your information will be lost if your phone is stolen.
  • The ideal situation would be to free up space, purchase a plan, or add a different email on WhatsApp.

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