When is Snowpiercer Season 2 shown on Netflix?

Madrid, January 25. (@AtturaOcio) –

yields Snow hole. Following in the footsteps of the last surviving humans on a train traveling across the ice-covered land, the series returns to Netflix with the iconic signature Sean Bean (Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings) like Mr. Wilford. What time he does The first chapter of Snowpiercer season two And Netflix?

The beginning of the second season of this Replica of the movie directed by Bong Joon-hoo This is because the movie depends on la novela gráfica “Le Transperceneige” by Jacques Loup and Jean-Marc Rochet It will be available this Tuesday 25 January 2021 in Nine in the morning, Spain time.

France, Italy, Germany and Sweden, By sharing the same time zone, You will also see it at this time The new chapter of Snowpiercer. However, in other Spanish-speaking countries, the second season premiere of Dystopia will be another schedule.

Resident Netflix users Mexico The first chapter of Season 2 of the series will be available from After midnight, According to the central timezone. Also at 2:00 AM he will arrive at El Salvador, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua.

at three in the morning, The series, starring Jennifer Connelly and David Digges, will reach the resident audience Peru, Ecuador, Panama, and Colombia.

For those viewers who are in Venezuela, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico And region Eastern United States, The beginning of Snowpiercer Season 2 will be available on Netflix from At 04:00.

For their part, these streaming service subscribers live in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay and Brazil (Brasilia and Sao Paulo Time) He will be able to watch the series from five A.M.

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a midnight It will be with the followers of the region Western United States Get the first installment of Snowpiercer Season 2 now available at At 08:00 Friday, January 15th, when the Six Seasons lands in Canary Islands, United Kingdom and Portugal.

Academy Award Winner Tournament Jennifer ConnellyWinner Tony David Digges And an Emmy Award winner Sean Bean, Netflix will show a new episode of Snowpiercer (Snowbreaker) every week.

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