When is Boxing Day 2022 and what are the English Premier League matches?

December 26th is celebrated in England and other parts of the United Kingdom as Boxing Day. The reason is to promote gift giving to those who have less.

Although there are many theories regarding the origin of Boxing Day, the truth is that most people agree that it dates back to the Middle Ages. It is believed to have been born as a result of the nobles’ act of giving Christmas chests of food to their subjects.

In those years, in addition to this, it is also believed that priests exposed chests with charitable donations.

Another popular theory is that workers went to work with a box in which the boss had it

Boxing Day: what is it and why is this day celebrated in England?

Boxing Day 2023 takes place on December 26 every year, a tradition that has existed for more than a century in England as British families combine the delivery of gifts with a special day of the best football.

And the date is not accidental, as it coincides with the first match in the history of the sport, on December 26, 1860, the derby between Sheffield and Helm F.C. at Sandygate Road.

After 20 years, it became the first official Boxing Day with matches between Preston North v West Bromwich and Bolton Wanderers v Derby County.

Over time, the day has expanded beyond one day, like this year, when there will also be two commitments on the 27th and one on the 28th in the case of a prime minister.

When is Boxing Day 2022 and what are the English Premier League matches?

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Premier League

  • 12/26: Brentford vs Tottenham / 9:30 am in Chile.
  • 12/26: Everton vs Wolverhampton / 12:00 Chilean time.
  • 12/26: Crystal Palace vs Fulham / 12:00 Chilean time.
  • 12/26: Leicester vs Newcastle / 12:00 CST.
  • 12/26: Southampton vs Brighton / 12:00 Chilean time.
  • 12/26: Aston Villa vs Liverpool / 2:30 p.m. in Chile.
  • 12/26: Arsenal against West Ham / 17:00 Chilean time.
  • 12/27: Chelsea vs Bournemouth / 2:30 pm in Chile.
  • 12/27: Manchester United vs Nottingham / 17:00 Chilean time.
  • 12/28: Leeds vs Manchester City / 17:00 Chilean time.


  • 12/26: Watford vs Millwall / 9:00 CST.
  • 12/26: Sunderland vs Blackburn Rovers / 9:30 am in Chile.
  • 12/26: Luton vs Norwich City / 4:45 p.m. in Chile.

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