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As part of his preparation for the 2026 World Cup, he will face the Mexican national team United State in friendly match in Phoenix, Arizona, before meeting again in the semifinals of the CONCACAF League of Nations.

The match will mean the first Clasico in the region for Argentine coach Diego Coca, who will be on the bench for his third match as part of the trio. It is essential to remember that it is not FIFA history, and there will certainly be adjustments in the players who take to the field.

when? Wednesday 19th April

hour: 8:00 PM (Central Mexico Time)

Campus: University of Phoenix Stadium

Where do you see? Channel 5, Azteca 7, TUDN.

This will be a test before the fourth stage of the tournament as Mexico hopes to qualify for the next round when they are measured again on June 15 against the Americans. The national team came from a 2-0 win over Suriname and a 2-2 draw against Jamaica at Estadio Azteca.

List of potential squad for the Mexican national team

Although nothing official at the moment, it is already known who could take over the leadership of Cocca, and who will certainly turn to MX League To cover the positions of those playing in Europe.

In the last broadcast of The last wordl Fox Sportssome names that may be included in were detected advertisement. Rubén Rodriguez revealed that there will be some surprises.

  • Carlos Acevedo (goalkeeper)
  • Luis Malagon (goalkeeper)
  • Victor Guzman (defender)
  • Omar Campos (defender)
  • Alan Cervantes (defender)
  • Julian Araujo (defender)
  • Israel Reyes (USA)
  • Gilberto Sepúlveda (Chivas)
  • Aldo Rocha (centre)
  • Fernando Beltran (centre)
  • Eric Sanchez (centre)
  • Alexis Vega (forward)
  • Uriel Antona (forward)
  • Roberto De La Rosa (Forward)
  • Ozil Herrera (forward)
  • Henry Martin (front).
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