When algorithms become best classmates

Alejandro Carrera and his partners at YourStep, Rodrigo Prichard and Bernardo Benchimol, began shaping their current entrepreneurial venture when, while still in college, they missed a specialized app that would help them organize their academic tasks. We were all in our university days, one day in the UK, in a new country where he didn’t know anyone. We agreed that we could develop an application to improve and customize new services, the option to upload deliverables such as documents, notes, etc.,” recalls Carrera, with a background in communications, about the core of the project.

The result of the idea, the platform your stepalready in the publishing phase in the midst of the ‘Educational Technology’ era, with great support such as that of CDTI (Industrial Technology Development Center), within the framework of the ‘Development of Artificial Intelligence’ project to anticipate the risks of mental disorders and the possibility of academic failure in students, including It aligns with another purpose of the app: to fight academic dropout and help with personal motivation with mental health tips.

Another support (in fact, they have been working in Valencia these months) is that of Lanzadera, the startup accelerator promoted by Juan Roig, President of Mercadona. “In principle (pointing to Carrera), our stay is until July, but we are studying the possibility of staying until the end of the year, as it is fantastic place Not just to test the product, but to share knowledge and experience with fellow travelers.” They also have the Edén School of Business (with the University of Valencia and the Polytechnic University of Valencia), which is another essential support.

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The goal is the next academic year starting this fall, with a reward-based business model from universities, which means Free service for users. “Winning” through a web and mobile app that, Carrera points out, “provides a certain academic structure and organization, and will help reduce the 13% of students who drop out in their first year, while strengthening the link to university centers.” A business model that will soon expand, among other examples, to vocational training or the study of exhibitions.

This tool, which enhances productivity, is inspired by a classic such as Google Calendar, with a particular focus on the interface, on the user experience optimized thanks to artificial intelligence. Big Data favors recommendations according to each profileAs Carrera concludes: “We love technology, and for that reason, we work hard to improve personalization, with computational optimization as a major challenge, and as a step up the road to being able to create large-scale models to adapt them to other applications.”

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