WhatsApp will provide the option to leave the group silently

whatsapp leave groups silently
WhatsApp is already working on an alternative to leaving a group without anyone noticing / Image: Getty Images

mobile messaging app, The WhatsApprelease him Multiple updates in the past few months And now we are bringing a new change so that users can do it Get out Which Collection Silently, without sending a notification of said action so that no member will know.

Gate WA Beta . Information He emphasized that the platform is working on a “light but important” platform they change” This will improve the users experience which will save them a moment and embarrassing encounters if they decide to leave a file group chat.

How can you leave a group without anyone knowing?

with the current provisions The WhatsAppOnce a person decides to leave a file group conversationAll members receive a notice. If the decision is made without consulting the participants, it can lead to confrontations.

The technology update portal ensures more details about the option to leave a file Collection from The WhatsApp, like the following screenshot It shows that only administrators are aware of the output:

“Get out of this group? Only you and the group admins will be notified of your departure,” new WhatsApp message/Image: WABeta Info

according to WA Beta . InformationThis decision is made after advertisements Mark Zuckerberg About app communities, defining them as an important evolution in messaging as we know it. CEO Goal Make the offer Multiple ads on your social networks How do Facebook And Instagram.

All the details of the adjustment to leave the groups quietly

  • name updateSilent exit from groups
  • condition: still under development
  • Availability: Version not confirmed
  • testing phase: In beta version

When will the new WhatsApp update be available?

The screenshot posted to announce the news was taken from the desktop beta version of The WhatsAppthen update for leave groups So silent It is still under development and there is no specific date for its release. iOS s Android.

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Although the option to leave talks Huge promises that no one will be notified of the movement, officials must always be informed of what is happening in each of them groupsso only the rest of the members will be deleted from this type of information.

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