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I still haven’t tried ? Well, just enter the following link and link your account through a QR code to access all chats and content from your computer.

The steps to enter this version of the calling app are very simple. However, the way you connect to WhatsApp Web will change soon. What will be the change in the application?

Through a tweet from the official WhatsApp account, it was revealed that they had started testing user authentication with vital data. Basically, you will have to use your fingerprint or face to link devices.

In this way, no one will be able to get your mobile phone and log into a foreign computer. They know that the privacy issue is important to users, so they specify that they have no access to your face data or your charcoal data and that it cannot be replicated in a virtual way.

Today we started testing a new security tool for the WhatsApp Web and PC version: Face and Fingerprint to connect both devices.

WhatsApp does not see your face or your fingerprint. The company explains.

For now, the tool is still being tested on some devices. In the following days it will start reaching out to the rest of the users.

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