WhatsApp will change strongly in March! Goodbye to SCs and having to give out your number News from Mexico

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WhatsApp changes arriving in March will remove screenshots and having to share your number so they can talk to you through the app.

Mexico City.- WhatsApp, with 2 billion users And more 100 billion messages Daily, on top instant messaging platforms. However, to maintain his position, GoalThe company behind the app is constantly introducing changes to improve the user experience.

You can receive and send messages from other apps from WhatsApp, which is one of the major changes

In March, WhatsApp will roll out a landmark update that will include the long-awaited interoperability. this It will allow users to send and receive messages From other applications such as Facebook Messenger, Telegram, or Signalwhich represents a milestone in the development of the platform.

Interoperability will be highlighted in a special section in your app inbox, where Messages from other applications will be displayed. Initially, this feature will allow Exchange text messages, photos, voice notes and filesAlthough group and individual calls will not be available immediately.

With interoperability, WhatsApp will allow you to send and receive messages from other applications.

Meta's plan is to announce the details of this update during the month of Marchmarking the start of the process It will last for several months Until its implementation is complete. Although it was expected, it has not yet been confirmed whether the update will be available globally or only in certain regions What other apps will be compatible? With interoperability.

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Goodbye to SCs and having to give out your number

In addition to interoperability, WhatsApp It will bring other important changes related to privacy And the user interface. It will include a An extra layer of protection Privacy that will prevent screenshot Personal photos for contacts. It will also display the possibility Sort chats by marking them as favorites, This will facilitate access to the most important conversations.

WhatsApp will no longer allow you to capture screen in profile pictures.

What's new is the option to choose a profile name Instead of having to share a phone number, which changes the dynamics of user identification on the platform. Finally, WhatsApp will give more importance to user statuses, displaying them more clearly in the News tab.

WhatsApp update will give more weight to statuses and stories.

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