WhatsApp will allow you to change the background and transform the style of photographs thanks to this function

Madrid (Portaltic/EP).- WhatsApp is developing new functions based on generative artificial intelligence (AI) for photo editing, among which are those that allow you to modify your background and replace it with another background, in addition to changing your style based on user descriptions.

In recent months, Meta has developed new tools based on generative AI, such as the Meta AI chatbot and Expressive Media Universe (EMU), a solution that creates images from text and allows you to create posters from the applications themselves. In conversations.

With the announcement of both services, the company also indicated that it will integrate two additional generative AI-based photo editing tools that use EMU technology on Instagram. This is a redesign, which would allow visual styles to be applied to images based on the description, and background, to modify the background following the user's instructions.

The company hopes to bring these capabilities to the WhatsApp communication platform as well, which was recently confirmed by WABetaInfo in the latest version of Android, which was released through the Google Play beta program.

This communication service has integrated a new button into the image sending interface, which now offers options such as cropping and rotating the image, adding “stickers” and text, or a drawing tool.

Besides the image transmission quality icon, HD, another icon has been integrated that brings together three options: “Background” (Background), “Redesign” (Change Style) and “Expand” (Expand), which will allow you to enlarge the image as a whole, allowing Users have the ability to adjust the size of images according to their needs.

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Right now, these photo editing-focused features are in development for Android, and it's unknown if they'll arrive for iOS devices.

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