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WhatsApp Web It is an instant messaging service that also has its own testing program where you can use the new functions before they are released to the stable version. Have you enabled the above mode? You’ve probably seen the “beta” tag and now don’t know how to remove it.

Unlike beta versions of the WhatsApp mobile application, the program for Windows or MacOS, the original application for tablets and smart watches, In WhatsApp Web, you will not have to download anything at all and you will not have to register on third-party pages..

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I suddenly activated the test program accidentally and For this reason, the beta sign appears at the top of the home screen.. At Debor we will teach you a simple trick so you can get rid of them in less than 2 minutes.

How to hide the experimental tag in WhatsApp Web

  • First, access WhatsApp Web Through your computer or laptop.
  • Now, link your account the traditional way (by scanning the QR code).
  • To do this, open the application on your cell phone > tap on the three dots icon (top right) > tap on “Linked Devices” > “Pair Device” > put your fingerprint (if necessary) > and scan the QR to the computer.
  • When you open your account in the web version, you will see a “Beta” sign to the left of the “Communities” icon.
  • Click on the word and you will be directed to the “Help” section.
  • Here you will get the WhatsApp Web beta number.
  • To exit this program, scroll down and uncheck “Join the trial“.
  • Finally, refresh the page using “F5”.
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What happens with WhatsApp Web if your cell phone runs out of battery

  • The first thing you should know is that WhatsApp allows you to open your conversations on up to 4 different phones or computers.
  • This way if you are logged in WhatsApp WebIt will remain open and you will be able to chat with your friends normally.
  • If your phone runs out of data, runs out of Wi-Fi, or simply runs out of battery, don’t worry because WhatsApp Web will still receive messages.
  • There you can send stickers, emojis, voice messages if you have a microphone, and make video calls.
  • On the other hand, when you turn on your mobile device again or simply restore the data, all the messages you received will be downloaded to your computer or laptop.
  • This way no messages will be left in the air and everything will be synced so you don’t miss any important messages.
  • Of course, if more than 14 days go by without using WhatsApp Web, your account will be automatically locked and you will have to log in again by scanning the QR code.

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