WhatsApp Web: Not a single tricks but 5 tricks for reading hidden messages

On this occasion, La Verdad Noticias offers you five tricks with which you can read messages sent via WhatsApp in a hidden manner on WhatsApp Web.

Internet connection idea; Available at all times; For all of our contacts the matter is very complicated, especially when we see the message and leave the person in “visible”, which is why we will leave some tricks this time so that you can read the messages without needing to let anyone see it.

There are five ways you can read messages without the popcorn turning blue Whatsapp Web.

Messages can be read without leaving a trace.

Follow these tricks for WhatsApp Web.

Indicator on the received message

A way for you to read these received messages without having to open them; It is simply by placing the cursor on it but without clicking.

This should be done through WhatsApp Web. Hovering over the message will display a window with the full text in it. This way the popcorn will no longer be highlighted in blue, although in this case it will appear “Online.” If you do not want to appear “Online” in this link, we tell you how to activate Invisible mode.

The extension that disables the read receipt

If you do not wish to permanently disable the read confirmation of messages you receive; You have this first option. Install an extension on the computer; This is if you are using WhatsApp Web, i.e. on your computer; Read conversations without the knowledge of other users.

You can choose Invisible Mode for WhatsApp; Go to their website, then indicate that you want to use it in your browser: “Use in Chrome” until it installs.

Turn off the internet while reading your messages

Disable your computer’s WiFi network to be able to read messages that reach you stealthily. This will also work so that you do not appear “online.” After reading the message (s), access another chat conversation so that the blue double check receipt does not appear when reconnecting to the network.

Activate notifications in your browser

Last of The tricks To display hidden messages in The WhatsApp It activates notifications in your browser. You must access the WhatsApp Web site; In the configuration section, select “Enable desktop notifications” so that the messages they send you will appear in the upper right of your screen even if you are not on the application tab.

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Leave the app open in the background

To do this, open another program on your computer, in addition to the browser in which you have the WhatsApp Web tab. This way, your computer will interpret that you are working on this other program. To read arriving messages, place an alternate program window so that you can see the Messages tab in the background.

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