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WhatsApp Web records millions of daily active users and is the second most used version of the original app worldwide. Most people do not know some of the hidden commands of the aforementioned platform, such as “Control + Alt + Shift + N” to create a new group or “Shift + point (.) or “Shift + comma (.) to increase or decrease the speed of sound.” However, Internet users They discovered four secret codes that are spreading across social networks. Would you like to know which one they are? I tried them and I will give you detailed instructions on how to use them, and you will get amazing results.

You'll just type a few characters in personal or group conversations and then add the message or word, enabling new text formats that are very different from the classic Bold, Medium, Italic, and Monospace formats.

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It is important to clarify that currently you have to save the code for each text format and write it manually from then on They are not available as options in WhatsApp Web. Additionally, the mobile app, tablet app, and WhatsApp software for Windows and MacOS are expected to be released very soon.

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These are the secret codes for WhatsApp Web

  • Bulleted list: hyphen, space, and letter (-word).
  • Numbered list: number, period, space, and letter (first word).
  • block quote: larger symbol, space, and letter (>word).
  • Bias symbol: apostrophe, letter, and apostrophe (“word”).
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Tricks to make WhatsApp more secure

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