WhatsApp trick to hide “writes”

Sometimes it seems that some chat apps do not respect our privacy. From showing all your contacts when the app is open, to being alerted when typing a text in a chat window. How do you avoid it? Thanks to the trick The WhatsApp We can ensure that other people cannot know when we are using a chat app Most popular in the world.

There are two ways to prevent others from seeing us when we write The WhatsApp. One of them is a simple trick that can be done with any phone. The second requires you to install a third-party app that is only available on Android, since App Store from an Apple for him Iphone It imposes more restrictions.

These are the details and instructions you must follow to get this trick The WhatsApp Thus you get other people Cannot see the caption “he writes” In any open conversation.

Put your phone on airplane mode and open WhatsApp

This method to do this WhatsApp trick is very easy and works on any smartphone. It’s as simple as putting your device in Airplane mode, wait for it to disconnect from the cellular network or Wi-FI network.

This will cause the phone to run out of internet and you can access it freely The WhatsApp Without broadcasting any activity that is being carried out in the application. Privacy is back!

With the application open, write and send all the messages you need. A clock will appear next to the texts indicating that they are waiting to call back to be sent to your contact.

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