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WhatsApp He continues to confront WhatsApp Plus V50.32it turns out that the latest version of the APK has brought a series of changes and now seems more stable, being a favorite unlike other modified apps that are also out there.

In the latest release of November 2023, we can activate “Ghost Mode”, in addition to allowing us to access the simple color of WhatsAppYou also have the privacy of separating individual chats from group chats.

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What errors does the APK fix? WhatsApp Plus V50.32? We tell you here so that you do not have any doubts about downloading it on your smartphone.

Bugs that WhatsApp Plus V50.32 APK fixes: Latest version

  • One of the last details that has been corrected by WhatsApp Plus V50.32 is privacy, as you can now avoid chats that are for business or commercial purposes.
  • The date bubble has also been reconfigured so that it no longer displays as clearly when hovering. This way you can check what time your friend called without having to enter the app.
  • Another detail is that the color of the screen sharing button in calls has been corrected. If you click this icon, no action is taken.
  • It has even been fixed that some texts would not be displayed in white during calls.
  • WhatsApp Plus V50.32 is also expected to enhance the anti-ban issue, so that regular WhatsApp doesn’t block your account too quickly.

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