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WhatsApp Plus V17.53 Will be released soon. The latest version of the APK not only adds new features but also allows you to change the entire color scheme of the platform to a simple one. However, few know how to update the modified app without losing your conversations.

We’ll walk you through every step so you can get the latest WhatsApp Plus V17.53 Without having to start from scratch. Of course, you should see some details inside the APK file that can be easily accessed.

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Remember that you should always update the modified software to avoid any kind of temporary or permanent penalties from Meta.

How to update to WhatsApp Plus V17.53 without losing chats

  • The first thing is to go to WhatsApp Plus settings.
  • Once you open it, go to the APK settings.
  • At that moment you will see a tab that says “Help”.
  • Then click on “Information. From the application”.
  • There you will see if you have WhatsApp Plus V17.52. If you have the APK, you can download WhatsApp Plus V17.53.
WhatsApp | All you have to do is enter this section to find out which version of WhatsApp Plus you have. (Photo: MAG – Rommel Yupanki)
  • If you have a different version, for example, Yessimods, you may lose your chats because the mods are completely different.
  • The WhatsApp Plus V17.53 APK is from AlexMods, so keep that in mind.

What’s new in WhatsApp Plus?

  • The first thing you will find is that you can now send video messages, something that was already present in WhatsApp, but has now been added to the WhatsApp Plus APK.
  • You can also enable the tool to be able to edit your texts just by pressing on it for a few seconds.
  • In addition, the functionality requested by many has been improved: knowing who has blocked you.
  • Of course, you’ll also be able to tell when someone is “online” if that person has disabled the double blue tick.
  • In WhatsApp Plus you also have the function of avoiding receiving calls not only from unknown numbers, but from everyone in particular.
  • It also brings new themes, but if you tend to download them, you may also see ads.
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How to activate ghost mode in WhatsApp Plus

  • First, enter Whatsapp plus (Updated).
  • Now, tap on the three dots icon located at the top right corner > tap on “WhatsApp Plus Settings”.
  • The next step is to click on “Privacy and security“.
  • Turn on the switches that say: “Hide last seen”, so no one will know when you stopped using the APK; Hide View Status, your friends won’t know that you viewed their stories.
  • Click on “Who can contact me?“And choose between “Nobody”, “Everyone”, “My Contacts”, “My Contacts except…”.

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