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From apple pie to man with a mask. What emojis have changed? It is one of the applications that makes the most changes to its platform for Android and iOS (iPhone) devices. For example, from now on, you can try the tool that allows you to use the application without your cell phone near you when chatting on the computer using the multi-device function. But not only that, it is also possible to change the speed of those long voice notes that our contacts send us and even make calls and video calls.

On the other hand, many beta users of النسخة They use the function that all the photos you send through the app disappear as soon as your friends, family, cousins ​​and even co-workers see them.

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But not only that, in the next update to the operating system And the , some emoji will change in a file , in some cases it will be more obvious than in others. and he?

For example, the apple pie emoji will no longer be a candy bar, it will display the entire pie instead. What other icons would look completely different, too? We present it here so you can use it Coming soon and don’t get confused in its new design.

List of emojis that will change the look in WhatsApp with ANDROID 12

  • yellow face with mask: Now the emoji eyes will not close, they will open in view of the current situation in covid-19.
  • Someone who cuts their hair: The tip of the hair will look larger, while the scissors will give the impression of a cut.
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This will change the hamburger in Android 12. (Image: Unicode)
  • Person in the frying pan: Now the foam will not be a simple soap, but it will turn into transparent bubbles.
  • Injection: This emoji will not have red liquid inside, but it is transparent.
  • Peach: It will have a more striking color.
This way the guitar integrates its strings and other details.  (Photo: Emojipedia)
This way the guitar integrates its strings and other details. (Photo: Emojipedia)
  • hamburger: It will be slightly larger than the previous design.
  • moon cake: You will serve the whole cake, not the piece with the cut out pieces.
  • guitar: Ropes and other tools will appear.
Mars and spaceship will now be more visible in the new emojis.  (Photo: Emojipedia)
Mars and spaceship will now be more visible in the new emojis. (Photo: Emojipedia)
  • clover flower: More shades will be noticeable.
  • The sky: There will be no thickenings with their supports, but the skater’s foot will appear.
  • Flying Saucer: Mars or aliens are incorporated into it.
  • The puzzle: It won’t be two pieces, instead there will be a bigger piece.
  • teddy bear: Now he will not look from the side, but this cute doll will be looking forward.

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