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It took several years to implement a “me” or “everyone” message deletion tool on the IM platform (including multimedia files), however, the aforementioned Meta app has now decided to add the new option called “Edit Messages”, do you want to know how it will work? We will provide you with all the details below from Depor.

The path to edit messages is still unknown. since the functionality is still in the development stage, however, in the screenshot released by the technology portal WabetaInfoit was noted that next to the time of the messages, the “Edit” option will be activated, and after pressing it you will get to a window that allows you to change the text that will replace the original messages.

How will editing messages work in WhatsApp?

This tool will be released first in version of WhatsApp beta For Android users, don’t worry, we will tell you how to get it later. Will post editing have a time limit? Yes, which will be 15 minutes from the time the message is sent, although the above medium notes that the app does not guarantee that your message will actually be edited if the recipient does not turn on their devices in a day or so. We recommend that you install the testing software so that you can test the functionality in a future update before it is officially rolled out to the stable app.


  • Enter the Google Play Store Android And search for the app The WhatsApp.
  • Click on the first app that appears and scroll down.
  • Click on the “Be a beta tester” option. If you don’t see it, access this to go straight.
  • Then, click on the “Be Verified” section and you will get the trial version.
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  • Never connects to the Internet: Until now, WhatsApp Plus allows you to hide the famous “Internet” using the “Airplane mode” option. This way you won’t see that you are online, but you can continue chatting.
  • It doesn’t look like you’re writing: Another intriguing detail of WhatsApp Plus is that it allows you to hide the word “writing” not only from group conversations, but also from individual conversations.
  • Exclusive emojis: Although WhatsApp is expected to add more emojis by the end of the year, they are already first in WhatsApp Plus.
  • I can see your disappearing photos: In order to protect your privacy, WhatsApp has implemented the photos and videos that you see only once. In WhatsApp Plus, you can view these files whenever you want.
  • You can’t call, but you can type: WhatsApp Plus has a tool that allows you to block all calls, this way any user will only have to write to you.

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