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Christmas is over, and now the whole world is focusing on New Year 2022, even that year , an instant messaging app with more than 5 billion users worldwide, which could launch up to 5 new and important tools next year. Want to know what they are? We will detail below.

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According to the information published by the technology portal They predicted that there would be a total of 5 changes or tools Still in development for 2022, from animated emojis to creating communities within group chats.

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Jobs that WhatsApp is preparing for 2022

Create Communities

It is an exclusive tool for group chats, although there is still very little information about this option, it is estimated that it will work in the following way: Administrators of each group will be able to create up to a total of 10 subgroups within them, she mentioned WabetaInfo.

Neighboring companies

This is one of the most important functions on the list, since it has only been tested with beta users from Brazil, however, it is likely that next year it will reach everyone in different parts of the world. Basically, this is an option that will work in tandem WhatsApp for Business (Business), since it’s from the official app, you can find entrepreneurs who are using this version of the app, so you’ll be able to contact them without adding them, all thanks to the potential implementation of the Companies Nearby tab.

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animated hearts

When you send a red heart emoji through the mobile app, WhatsApp Web o desktop, it will come out in a giant size and will start hitting subtly, because they want to do the same with the rest of the colored hearts (red, blue, green, purple, etc.), but the animation will only be activated if the icon is shared by itself, it means that it will not Appears if you include text messages or another emoji.

New collection design

The WhatsApp It will add a new magnifying glass button or icon, called “Search”, and this will appear on each contact’s profile, listed in Business Users. Although this change is nothing new as previously Android users had it, it will now appear on iOS with a very similar appearance.

Edit photo recipient

Finally, this is one of the tools that is still questionable whether or not it will be implemented, as it can be used ruthlessly for sharing spam. Which consists? Simple, when you send a photo or post it as a status, you can choose which contact you will share this photo with or who you want to see your status The WhatsApp.

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