WhatsApp launches new emojis

To improve the user experience, six new emojis will be added to it

. These small pictures or ideograms have become an essential part of our conversations, because they help us communicate better.
With them we can express different thoughts, emotions or situations we are experiencing in a better way.

The app currently has a large number of emojis, but they are never enough. in dna40 We present to you what it is New emojis And what we will be able to express with them.

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New emojis for WhatsApp

According to WaBetaInfo the new Beta WhatsApp for Android It includes six new emojis included in the latest version of Unicode 15.1. It is also available in

With iOS 17.4.

The new emojis are:

  • Face nodding
  • Face denial
  • Phoenix
  • mushroom
  • Half a lemon
  • Broken chains

How to get new emojis for WhatsApp?

The new emojis are only available in iPhone With iOS 17.4. To obtain these codes, you must update the operating system, and to achieve this you must access: Settings > General > Software Update.

In case AndroidThe new icons are currently only available in the beta version of WhatsApp.

It is known as beta The first version of the program. It is the beta version that is launched as a first point of contact, with the aim of testing and finding improvements or errors before its official launch.

How to have WhatsApp beta?

Very simple process:

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Open the page
WhatsApp beta program

In the browser.

  • Click on the button that says “Become a tester.”
  • Go to Google Play, and from there enter
    WhatsApp page

  • Download the application on your cell phone.

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