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If you live in the 2000s, you definitely recognize MSN Messenger and its classic “Tukutin” sound.. In order to listen to it again when you receive a message on your cell phone, There is a simple trick to put it in it . To do this, you will only have to perform a simple configuration in the fast messaging app.

The first thing to do is Download “Tukutin” audio from MSN Messenger using this . You can save it to the folder you want, either on your device NS . Then you should perform these steps in So that it runs smoothly.

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How to put voice “TUKUTIN” from MSN MESSENGER in WhatsAPP

  • Once Download audio from MSN Messenger, open WhatsApp.
  • There, click on the three dots and select Settings in the case of Android.
  • If you have IphoneYou just have to go to the department Adjust.
  • Now go to the section Notices.
  • In that window you will see the tab Notification tone
This way you can change the WhatsApp notification tone of the classic “Tukutin”. (Photo: mag)
  • If you press it, you will be presented with a list of all the sounds on your cell phone.
  • Search for a file The MP3 audio of “Tukutin” from MSN Messenger you downloaded.
  • Now just save all the files Adjust.
  • From that moment, when you receive a message, the “Tukutin” on WhatsApp.

Remember that you can choose the sound you want for WhatsApp, in this way you can change the notification alert and not emphasize a single tone, you can even select it by the user.

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Now, if you need to make a general query, you can fill out the form with this .

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