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He took a special role during the coronavirus pandemic. Many users have been able to follow their work meetings remotely, as the app allows you to send messages, photos, texts, stickers, make video calls, and much more.

The big problem now is how to separate from work. Being at home, it has become normal to have office issues at all times. For this reason, here we inform you to disconnect from WhatsApp; In other words, activate Vacation Mode.

Within the configuration options, there is no actual way to disconnect from the chats but there are items to customize the notifications to avoid inconveniences.

How is Vacation Mode enabled?

First select all the chats that you want to avoid for a certain period. Next, you have to hit the archive button and enter all those from the previous step. This way, you will avoid notifications until the chats are activated again.

Of course, we don’t want any trouble. So the next step is to enter your archived chats configuration options and hit “Keep Archived Chats”. Remember to enter all business conversations, whether individual or group.

This way, you can give yourself a break. At least for the weekend.

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