WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram are in global decline

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The Facebook social networks posed problems this afternoon in different parts of the world, including Spain.

Since around 17.35 PM, Facebook’s Whatsapp instant messaging app is having problems sending and receiving messages.

According to the Dowdetector platform, where users can report problems with the app, WhatsApp will be a global failure, It affects countries such as the United Kingdom, India, Canada, and Mexico, as well as Spain.

In addition to, Another Facebook network, Instagram, also experienced a disconnection this afternoonTherefore, users will not be able to update the wall of publications, upload new photos or stories, or comment on those of other users on the network.

In the case of WhatsApp, the platform is rendered offline, leaving messages waiting to be sent and unable to receive notifications from chats, either private or group.

In addition, Facebook will also report connection issues, so this is confirmed The ruling affects the three major social platforms of the American giant.

On the official Instagram account on Twitter, the company asked users to be patient:

Also on Twitter, a Facebook spokesperson confirmed the failure and confirmed that they are working on it:

DNS Problem, Possible Origin

According to Transparent Transparency Services Technology Director, Diego Sorrez, “The downfall of the social networks owned by Facebook appears to be derived from the DNS issue. Records that translate the domain names we all use, like facebook.com, to the IP addresses of the devices serving us, the content has disappeared after Today appeared just after 17:30 Spanish time.Without these logs, browsers and apps don’t know how to “find”servers that deliver social networkingcontent,'”he explains.

According to the expert, the defect does not look small, and by the time it takes to fix it, it will be proven. Furthermore, it appears that Facebook’s BGP paths have been pulled from the Internet, indicating that in addition to DNS, there is a greater scope, since the ‘path’ that users follow once they know where the Facebook servers (your IP address) are, is taken. the river “.

The second big fall of 2021

At the moment, Facebook has no explanations about the origin of the problem or how long the failures in its networks will continue, but the connection problems for Mark Zuckerberg’s companies are not new.

Last March, social networks Facebook He suffered another world fall that lasted about an hour and a half They have influenced many parts of the world.

Specifically, on this occasion, the blackout affected 90% of the users WhatsApp, which has about 2 billion monthly active users It is by far the leading messaging app on the planet.

As in March, the widespread failure of Facebook-owned apps can be found in an issue with servers.

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