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At present, to find a specific message from The WhatsApp You have to search for it manually in your chats, it means you have to enter a personal or group chat and scroll to the history of the text or multimedia file you sent or received, this information will appear in detail at the top (day, month not anymore); However, carrying out this process will take a lot of time. Did you know that the aforementioned messaging platform has implemented a “date filter” So you can find any message in seconds? Depor explains how to enable the new functionality of the app by following these simple steps.

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Guide to find WhatsApp messages by date

  • First, it is necessary to highlight that the Date Filter tool is only available in beta of The WhatsApp For iOS users, we will tell you how to get it later.
  • Now, open the WhatsApp Beta program and get into a conversation.
  • The next step is to access the “magnifying glass” or “search” tool within the chat.
  • The keyboard will be displayed and on the top right of the keyboard you will see the calendar icon, tap on it.
  • Finally, choose the day, month and year you sent or received and press the button labeled “Go to date” (Go to a date in Spanish).

Preview of the “Search for messages by date” function in WhatsApp. If it doesn’t appear after installing the beta, don’t worry, it’s still gradually being rolled out all over the world. (Photo: Wapita Info)

How to download WhatsApp Beta for iOS?

  • The first thing you should do is download .
  • When you install it, simply In WhatsApp Beta for iPhone.
  • Then you will be redirected back to TestFlight.
  • Press “Accept” to get the job and it won’t take long to install WhatsApp Beta on your cell phone.
  • It should be noted that participants in the WhatsApp beta on iPhone are a bit more limited.
  • The “Delete Messages for Everyone in Groups” feature will be turned on automatically when you purchase the Beta Program.
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This happens with your WhatsApp account if you remove the SIM card from your cell phone

  • Remember that The WhatsApp It is an application that works with internet connection.
  • It is true that WhatsApp asks you for a cell phone number to create an account, but if you receive a phone call you will not answer through the app.
  • It only asks you for the number to verify that it belongs to you, it’s a very important security filter, how does it know that? Since the app sends you a “Verification Code” via SMS, this is required for you to create an account.
  • After that, the app will not use your number again, unless you change your smartphone.
  • If you remove the SIM card, you will be able to chat normally, as long as you have an internet connection, however, if you are using mobile data for your contracted plan, when you remove the SIM you will not be able to chat, make or receive calls and video calls.
  • It also will not allow you to link your account to the WhatsApp Web or Desktop versions, and if they are opened they will be closed automatically as they are mobile based (something that will soon change with the “Multi-device” mode).
  • It is recommended that you do not remove or block the chip if it is lost, since in this way cybercriminals will gain access to all your account information.

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