What's wrong with the Eiffel Tower? Is it rusty? Can it fall?

The most visited monument in France has been closed

Trade unions in France have called off a strike by construction workers, but complaints about the poor condition of the main tourist site remain.

It is the undisputed attraction of Paris, perhaps on par with the Louvre. The Eiffel Tower is one of the unexpected events for those visiting the City of Light for the first time. However, recently, A series of complaints have raised alarm bells about the building's future, with only four months remaining until the building opens.Olympics in the city. This is a series of complaints raised by employees guarding the tower, even going so far as to call a strike that appears to have already been ruled out. ¿What happens to the Eiffel Tower? Can it fall?

According to the trade unions that know the structure well, the tower has some shortcomings that begin, first, Because of the need to repaint the monument, a process that will require “several years of work.” Secondly, new investments are necessary to ensure… Maintenance of a historic elevator It has been in service since the opening of the Eiffel Tower in 1889, and is characterized by a higher cost than others because it operates hydraulically.

But the situation was another level of seriousness, according to complaints filed primarily by tower workers' unions. Specifically, some statements pointed to the poor state of preservation of the building, due to the corrosion of the steel it is made of. Some alarming testimonials even put the word “oxidation” on the table. And even a “structural risk”, after a budget deficit in the company that manages the Eiffel Tower would have prevented its proper maintenance.

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Eiffel tower, The most visited paid monument in the worldHe earns most of his income by selling tickets to visitors. In 2022, the building received 6,192,000 visitors, about 75% of whom were foreigners. Ticket prices range from €11.80 to €29.40 for adults depending on which floor you go to (2nd or 3rd) and the chosen method of access (stairs or elevator). The company that manages the memorial suffers losses of more than 130 million euros.

After announcing the call for strike… A spokesman for the workers denied that the state of disrepair in which the monument is located might affect visitors: he stressed that security was “fully guaranteed.”.

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