What will the ‘Communities’ screen look like in WhatsApp?

Today we will tell you how to screen “Communities“In the application The WhatsAppAs it is a feature that will be launched very soon for all devices.

There is no doubt that during a health emergency, the Implementation From WhatsApp climbed up on the accelerator in the section Develop new tools.

For example, voice memos have been modified to make them more comfortable to use and more detailed video calls To create rooms for remote work.

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It should be noted that all of this content can be pre-tested on beta servers and you just need to log in to be able to start testing tools like the Communities tab that has just been implemented on Android and iOS mobiles.

Recently, WaBetainfo media shared a new screenshot of the app with community mods.

In the competition app, you can enter an open group where people can share opinions or links on a particular topic.

WhatsApp: What would a screen look like

There is usually a moderator who has complete control over who can speak or remove participants.

You can access Communities through a tab at the bottom and in this section you will find Status, Calls, Chats, Configuration and this social element has been added recently.

On the other hand, the application owned by Meta gave a warning to millions of users, as it took a drastic decision to close many accounts at the end of this month, exactly on March 31.

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According to WhatsApp, the mobile phones that will be left without the application will be the ones that make mistakes such as spam, exchanging fake news, using modified applications, etc., in addition to the Android operating system 4.1.

The BAebusiness portal has put together a list of Android and iPhone mobile devices that will not have the app as of April 1.

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