What time does it start and how to watch it on TV and online

(CNN in Spanish) — King Charles III who was Heir to the throne for 70 yearsHis ceremony will finally take place in which he will be officially crowned King of the United Kingdom.

The coronation of Charles III will be a three-day event:

  • The coronation will take place on Saturday, May 6, which will be a “solemn religious service,” according to Michelle Donelan, Britain's digital, culture, media and sport secretary, in a statement.
  • Thousands of events are expected to take place across the country on Sunday 7 May as part of the 'Grand Coronation Luncheon', as well as the 'Coronation Ball' being held in the East Lawn of Windsor Castle.
  • The celebrations will conclude on Monday, May 8 with a public holiday with hundreds of activities planned by local community groups for “The Big Help Out,” a “festival of volunteerism” of sorts, according to John Knight, CEO of Together. Coalition.

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After that, we will provide you with the details of the first day, which is the day of the king’s coronation.

What time does the coronation of Charles III begin?

The coronation ceremony will begin at 11:00 am local time. These will be the timetables in other countries:

  • USA – 6 a.m. (Miami time)
  • Mexico – 4 a.m. (Mexico City time)
  • Argentina – 7 a.m. (Buenos Aires time)
  • Colombia – 5 a.m. (Bogota time)
  • Spain – 12 noon (Madrid time)

Everything you need to know about the coronation of King Charles III

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How to watch on TV and the Internet?

United State

On your TV screen, you'll have several options, including cable signals for CNN en Español and CNN Internacional.

If you prefer to watch it online, you can follow the live broadcast on cnn.com and cnnespanol.com. You can also choose to watch it Holo.


In the cable signal, you also have CNN En Español and CNN Internacional. On open TV, you can follow the ceremony on Foro TV.

Online, you can also follow the event live on CNN's websites. Additionally, you can follow the broadcast on streaming platform Vix+ and above nmas.com.mx.

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Like the previous ones, you can use CNN cable signals for broadcast TV. Hello Too! The coronation specials will be televised.

To follow the live broadcast online, you have the following options: BBC.com Or YouTube channel Sky NewsOr CNN websites.


in SpainThe broadcast can be followed live on La 1 and 24 Horas channels. Likewise, on the Internet you have the choice Play on RTÉ.

You also have the option to follow the broadcast on CNN's websites.

– With reports from Max Foster, Essie Ronald and Lauren Said Morehouse, CNN.

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