What the final decision means for Elizabeth II’s doctors

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Only the latest information from Buckingham Palace is making the already turbulent atmosphere on UK streets and institutions all the more worrying. The new royal statement reports on The cancellation of all official business of Queen Elizabeth II (95) for “at least the next two weeks”, which has fueled concerns about the health of British sovereignty. The lines drawn by court officials indicate that this decision has been made That the Queen could “rest”, following the advice of doctors.

Because of this resounding decision of the Doctors, Her Majesty will not be able to do one of her fetish acts of the year: “His Majesty the King regrets that this means that he will not be able to attend the Remembrance Festival on Saturday 13th November.”The statement explains. It’s a tribute being held for the armed forces in London and fills the Queen with honor, and for that reason Elizabeth II was quick to point out that she still had a “steadfast intention” to attend the memorial service on Sunday, November 14, when wreaths were laid at the memorial on Whitehall Avenue.

The Queen is resting at home after being hospitalized.


The fact that the Queen’s institutional agenda will be emptied comes in the next few weeks He had to be admitted to the hospital October 20 last. This visit to the medical center came in response, according to the palace, to conducting several “preliminary examinations” to know the exact state of the king’s health. After returning to her residence, and in accordance with the doctors’ decisions, Elizabeth II devoted herself to doing so Light office tasks Which includes some virtual audiences, but will not attend face-to-face events. In fact, it was also leaked that when the Queen returns to her schedule, she will not be able to attend the events alone, so her security team and other attendees will be reinforced.

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Despite the anxiety that arose in Big Ben, lavish sources want to stress that the Queen expresses herself in a “good spirit” and that her comfort at home responds only to “reasonable precautions” on the part of the responding doctors. about your health. Although the truth is that it was last October 12 when the alarms really started to go off because the Queen attended a party at Westminster Abbey. Accompanied by a stick she was leaning on at every step.

Since then, and even more so, after his visit to the hospital, news is growing about the suspension of the work of Isabel II. On Tuesday, Buckingham announced that the Queen had canceled her attendance at the COP26 climate summit, which begins on Sunday in Glasgow, Scotland, after doctors advised her to rest after being examined. disease not identified.

Queen Elizabeth II of England uses a walking cane at Westminster Abbey.

Queen Elizabeth II of England uses a walking cane at Westminster Abbey.


In addition, the optional recommendation to keep the rest already forced her to cancel a scheduled visit to Northern Ireland. Since then, she has been living as a refugee in Windsor Castle, her official residence on the outskirts of London. There it is cared for and controlled by doctors just as they did in Privado Hospital King Edward VII Where he entered ten days ago. Exactly this health center is the same one that her husband, Felipe de Idemburgo, was admitted to before he died in April at the age of 99.

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