What technologies will provide new solutions in the fight against climate change in 2022?

How will this be financed?

New technologies to combat climate change will need strong financial support from both the public sector and the financial sector, to generate and direct the funds that make the development of all these green initiatives possible.

In this sense, Santander is the world leader in financing sustainable projects and renewable energies, with 120,000 million euros in budget allocated to green finance between 2019 and 2025 and up to 220,000 million euros in 2030. This is linked to the issuance of Santander sustainable bonds, in line with “2018 Green and Social Bond Principles”, and Santander’s Responsible Banking Strategy, with the goal of hiring additional capital for responsible and sustainable projects.

It’s all part of our commitment to support the green economy, reach net zero carbon emissions across the group in 2050, and be neutral as of 2020 in both our activity and in all our clients’ emissions derived from any of the financing, advisory or investment services provided by the bank .

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