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Just as many people use social networks to post the places they visit, the food they enjoy and what they do daily, they also use it to express their feelings, as inSorrow“, a direction what started before Two years It can affect young people.

Namely, our emotions give a lot of information to others about how we find ourselves and even more if we put it on the internet, so, if you’ve heard about the term and still don’t know what it is and why it’s so popular, here it is. we say.

Which consists?

The term “sad fishing”, which is translated in Spanish as “sad fishing”, is used to describe the behavior of people who They like to reveal their negative feelings, such as sadness, but in a disproportionate way, and generally through posts on various social networks, this In order to generate empathy among his followers.

The word came in 2019 Created by the author Rebecca Read, which comes from a play on words with the English expression “catfishing”, which refers to the act of creating a false profile with the aim of making a profit or harming another person; The term “sad” – which translates as sad – refers to the negative feelings we are talking about.

He was a celebrity who started this fashion Kendall Jenner, who went into this practice on Instagram to gain likes and followers, when two years ago he shared a series of personal comments about him Experiences about acne.

In this way, many have accused the 24-year-old model of “sad hunting”, mainly because Position paid by a brand of acne products that the model was associated with.

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Other celebrities like Justin Beiber And Sam Smith They are the epitome of those who have used this practice; The first case was when the “Baby” translator participated in the beginning of 2020 He had Lyme disease Many accused him of a crude attempt to attract attention and belittle his condition.

In Smith’s case, in the same year the singer published a post on Instagram where he Show crying On the steps of his house for what he called it.Quarantine crisis“At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, which attracted the sympathy of some and the anger of others.

Why is your practice dangerous?

The problem of “sad hunting” regardless of the fact that sometimes focus on lying To achieve popularity on the Internet, it also manifests itself in those people who reveal their real problems, It is often overlooked, even in harassment And it leaves them vulnerable by being cruel criticized and accused Their practices are only meant to attract attention and gain the sympathy of others.

Another danger of this behavior is that there people who benefit These types of posts to take advantage of the situation and not show empathy, contrary to what those who make these posts and more believe in minors.

According to an interview he gave UK digital awareness, which was applied in the UK to 50,000 children between the ages of 11 and 16 about the use of technology, found that those who need real emotional support are those who They were disappointed that they didn’t get the answer That they wanted to or because they felt too bad to be accused of attracting attention.

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In this way, “sad hunting” turns out to be dangerous for children themselves due to the fact that children pedophiles or criminals They can show empathy with these posts to win the trust of the little ones.

How do you help them?

In the case of minors engaged in “sad fishing”, Parents are advised Be careful with this trend on social networks and talk to your kids so that they are the ones to pass on their problems and this way they can solve their problems together.

In the case of adults, it is suggested see a specialist To help identify the root cause of the need to draw attention to strangers and strangers, rather than being able to talk about it with close people.

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