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the Nuclear medicine is a method that has been known for years, This is the case of gammagrams, or as More modern techniques such as PET/CT Such as positron emission tomography and the addition of conventional CT.

he Dr. Carlos Ernesto Montoya Molina, President of the Mexican Federation of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular ImagingThe head of the College of Nuclear Physicians in Mexico confirmed that nuclear medicine can be used in… Performing diagnostics in patients from newborns to adults.

For example, “Children who regurgitate food undergo this type of study, which can determine if reflux is present; kidney function can be evaluated; and studies are done in patients who have lumps in the neck or are suspected of having cancer.”

He added that too It is useful in cases of hyperthyroidismwhich is the accelerated function of the thyroid gland,” For Oncology Information, L Patients suffering from prostate, breast, lung and other cancers“.

That specialist said It can also be used in neurological diseases“In those patients suffering from epilepsy, dementia, encephalitis, among others, or in Movement disorders such as Parkinson's disease“.

“That is The diagnostic and therapeutic application of nuclear medicine is very strong and very broad, Because it is of great benefit to patients.

he President of the Mexican Federation of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular ImagingHe pointed out that at Angeles Hospital, they have the only PET/CT machine, with advanced technology, to evaluate all these diseases, in addition to having highly trained staff, since this Allows precise diagnostic studies and treatments.

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He said this from April 25 to 28 this yearwhen 12th edition of the National Conference on Nuclear and Molecular Medicine, With speakers of national and international stature, and great leaders who will come to the capital of Chihuahua to present the topics of this specialty, Spain, France, Germany and Mexico.

“They're teachers, Leaders of specialties related to nuclear medicineWe have a very enhanced academic program to see all these diagnostic topics through images.

He added that “We are certain that this upcoming conference will be the best in the history of nuclear medicine in Mexico', where very interesting academic aspects will be presented, targeting nuclear medicine specialists, physicists, technicians, nurses and oncologists, as well as interns and doctors in training.

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For this edition, 15 records were submitted to the Autonomous University of ChihuahuaSo that university students have the opportunity to attend.

He added that UACH is Support publishing in this processand is supported by Hospital Angeles de Chihuahua.

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the Headquarters of the Mexican Federation of Nuclear and Molecular Medicine It is located in Mexico City, and in Chihuahua there is a member who is the president of the event's organizing committee Member of the Board of DirectorsAs a member Dr. Ariel Garcia.

called this The event will take place from April 25 to 28 at the Sheraton Hotel in Chihuahua City.

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