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One of the couples who have caused the most stir in recent months is the one made up of the actors Tom Holland and ZendayaWho met during the filming of the new epic “Spider-Man”. Although it is not known exactly when the engagement began, it is assumed that it was in 2016, the year they started working together.

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The artists decided to take their relationship a step further by acquiring a luxury property in the capital England. This home would be the couple’s first, which sparked countless comments among their young fans, who had hardly any idea of ​​seeing them together in public.

Tom and Zendaya They are distinguished by their low profile, especially when it comes to their love life. There are very few pictures that they have together in privacy, as can be seen in the files social networksWhere they accumulate more than 180 million followersGenerally.

Zendaya and Tom Holland will move into a lavish mansion in southwest London (Photo: Shutterstock)

Tom Holland and Pete Zendaya $4 Million

According to an article published in the newspaper,Hollywood stars kicked off 2022 by acquiring their first property located in Richmond, on the outskirts of London, just six kilometers from Kingston upon Thameshometown Tom Holland. luxury home cost 3 million pounds sterlingThe equivalent of 4 million dollars.

The cast at the after-party for the movie's premiere (Image: GETTY IMAGES)
The cast at the after-party for the movie’s premiere (Image: GETTY IMAGES)

What does Tom and Zendaya’s house look like?

The property has six rooms and is located in the same neighborhood as other artists like Angelina Jolie, Mick Jagger and Tom Hardy. Champions “Spider Man“Changes are being made in the house, where they hope to implement a gym, a cinema hall, among other details that will certainly be announced in the following days.

Tom Holland and Zendaya as a married couple on the red carpet at the movie premiere
Tom Holland and Zendaya as a married couple on the red carpet at the “Spider-Man: No Way Home” premiere (Image: EFE)

“They are happy with the property and their first home together. They are very fond of and wanted their first home to be London, where Tom grew up. Everyone is excited about them,” a close source said. ‘Mirror’.

Similarly, the actor has been known to search for a file High-tech security system s 8ft steel security gate At the entrance to preserve your home.

Other properties of ZENDAYA and HOLLAND

So far no photos have been shared of the couple’s first property, which is not yet inhabited because it is in the remodeling phase. At the moment, the actors are staying in their homes.

born in it California He has a residence in Angelswhich is valued at approx 4 million dollars; For his part, the Briton owns a three-bedroom apartment in London.

When the super affectionate actors were seen in the Netherlands car (Photo: Shutterstock)
When the super affectionate actors were seen in the Netherlands car (Photo: Shutterstock)
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