What is edging and why should you try it with your partner?

Be intimate with your partner It is one of the most enjoyable experiences because it maintains a great bond and below, we tell you what superior And why should you do that? Try it with your partner.

the Intimacy as a couple It can become an extraordinary form of communication, through which complex emotions can be conveyed and a relationship strengthened.

What is it superior?

the gate GQ indicates that superior It is an orgasm control technique where a person can get very close to the moment of orgasm, but still manage to stop the orgasm. EnergizingWait a little while and resume PrivacyProlonging pleasure and reaching new levels of excitement through the ability to resist.

People can also resort to superior To make intimate relations last longer, to prolong the sensation of orgasm or to increase the sensation of it.

But in addition to these fun experiences, practice technique superior It generates the following Health Benefits:

Although it superior It consists of stopping and encouraging orgasms, and its practice can lead to better orgasms once achieved. And sometimes it is pressure also anxiety To orgasm quickly, but when you feel comfortable with your body, you'll see that pleasure comes to you in natural and controllable ways, helping you have better, more natural, and less rushed orgasms.

Edges can also help you identify Sensations The pre-orgasm for you, which is usually different from the one other people have, which can ultimately give you a better chance of orgasm. Intimate relationships By knowing what you feel and enjoy.

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  • Increase the duration of intimate relationship

Study published in Journal of Sexual Medicine I found that men Orgasm can be reached in an average of five minutes, while women slim It can take up to approximately 13 minutes, nearly three times as long.

So it is worth trying for a longer period of time PrivacyThis way you and your partner will be able to communicate on a deeper level and for a longer period of time. he superior It can help you find this harmony by increasing the duration of performance in bed with your partner.

To practice eding You need a lot concentration, since no matter what orgasm control technique you decide to try, it is likely that a large part of your attention and ability to recognize body sensations and act on your mental desires will be involved in all of it. .

The more you train superior You'd better be concentration Ultimately, this also increases your pleasure, by making you more aware of what is happening in your body during intimacy.

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