What is Boxing Day and when and where is it celebrated? UK revtli gift day | the answers

Celebrated on December 26 boxing day, day off during Christmas holiday that happens in United kingdomAnd AustraliaAnd CanadaAnd New Zealand and other Commonwealth countries.

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the boxing day It is held annually on the following day birthday, that is to say, December 26, marked as a day when donations and gifts are promoted to those most in need.

This national holiday is celebrated, both in The United Kingdom is like IrelandAnd if it falls on Saturday, The following Monday is a holiday. If this is the day birthday which falls on Saturday, The following Monday and Tuesday are national holidaysAll schools and many organizations were closed during this period.

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Remember that, Boxing Day is a festival of British tradition, which has its origins in 19th century, when Queen Victoria I decided that if Christmas falls on a Sunday, The workers had an extra day to enjoy their free time.

Thus, it became a well-established custom Another holiday in the British calendar, Turn into boxing day, which is translated into Spanish as “Package Day” or the “gift day”.

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Another origin story What is said is that in the time of feudalism, the lord of the palace would collect all those who worked in his land and as payment for the work they did all year, He gave them boxes with farming implements, food, or cloth and clothes.

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