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The world has changed in recent years, the age of technology has begun to rise incredibly, and machines and devices have arrived that have changed the course of the world forever.

The first notable invention is the Internet, an information network that can be accessed by anyone with the right device. Having mentioned that, the second most prominent invention by humans in this technological boom is smart devices, also known as smartphones, which are devices based on mobile phones. They contain the same calling and messaging functions, but with additional functions, such as a camera, multimedia playback, and communication. Internet access with the ability to add additional applications to improve its operation and make the device experience more amazing.

Among the wide range of applications that we can find in the virtual stores of smartphones, one such application has stood out since its launch in 2009. Of course, we are talking about the instant messaging application, which has recently been classified as a social network as well, and WhatsApp, our beloved green logo application, is… Position it as the application par excellence for instant communication.

Since its launch until today, the WhatsApp application has witnessed continuous development, as it has already received hundreds of updates, with which new functions have arrived, other than messages. Now this application offers a status section where you can share photos and videos with your contacts, in addition to calls, video calls and messages. Voice users can send and receive files such as videos, images and texts, among other functions, in their conversations.

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Talk about the new features came recently in a report on the technology page WABetaInfoOne of the new experimental functions of this messaging app has been announced, and we are talking about<ملف التعريف البديل>>.

Image credit: WABetaInfo

The alternative profile will be another security function in WhatsApp, and it will have the ability to help the app users manage their data better, being a very useful function for those people who use their WhatsApp accounts for work or for some business or school.

This will work as its name says, as an alternate profile, only people who are not added to your contact list will be able to access this profile and whoever you choose, this profile will have the option to edit, i.e. you will be able to set The name you want these new contacts to appear, as well as a profile picture of your choosing. Along with this functionality, there will also be the option to restrict the visibility of your basic information to the contacts you want.

According to information collected by the portal WABetaInfoThis function is still in its beta version, and will be initially launched only for devices running Android operating systems version, and is intended to start a testing phase to be later approved for all devices running any operating system.

For those people who will have this functionality before its global launch, to access this alternative profile, simply follow these simple instructions:

  1. Enter WhatsApp
  2. Tap the three dots that represent the app options
  3. Enter<الإعدادات>> Then<الخصوصية>>
  4. Go to<صورة الملف الشخصي>>
  5. Within this option, and until the end of the options, you can find<ملف التعريف البديل>>.
  6. All you have to do is enter this option and edit the information you want, and that’s it, enjoy this alternative profile.

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