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The 2021 Formula 1 season approaches its summer break, with Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton delivering an unparalleled battle on the best motorsport journey in a long time.

This weekend, the 20 drivers will arrive at the iconic Silverstone Circuit, in the UK, where they will run for the 10th time of the championship and be part of an ‘experience’ planned by the F1 organisation.

Which is that on a normal weekend, the pilots do three freestyle exercises before the qualification session (on Saturday), the pilot making the fastest lap of 1st place on the starting grid (1st place) in Sunday’s race.

But this weekend The ‘script’ will change for everyone.

For this year, Formula 1 will attempt a different format to determine the starting grid: sprint race.

What makes it different? Well, in the first class, the test is much shorter (only 100 km) than the Sunday test. For example, at Silverstone, instead of the classic 52 laps, the sprint race will only last 17 laps. For comparison: a sprint is a “100m sprint”, while a regular Grand Prix is ​​a 400m sprint. “.

Through a shorter extension, Pilots are not required To stop at least once in the pits to change the tire (although they can do so, if the difference considers it so). This, combined with the fact that each car will be loaded with less fuel, will make sprint racing a more competitive test than the Grand Prix.

And what is the prize? Let’s start with points: first place takes three; The second, two, and the third, one. In addition, the position in this sprint race will be the same as that held by all drivers in Grand Prix on Sunday, so a mistake in this test can be very costly.

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Sprint race locations are determined by the traditional qualification test that Lewis Hamilton, current world champion, underwent on Friday. Sergio “Chico” Perez will start fifth in tomorrow’s test.

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