What is a blind résumé and how is it organized

The Blind CV a Resume Blend It has become a trend in HR around the world because it reduces discrimination when hiring people, but what is it and in which jobs is it suitable to offer?

What is a blind CV?

Basically, it is a CV in which no personal information is added and focuses only on the applicant’s work experience and skills, as mentioned in The Confederation of Employers of the Mexican Republic (Coparmex).

In a blind CV, data such as the name of the applicant, his age, place of residence and marital status are avoided, and no pictures of the applicant are included, as this is information that is subject to discrimination against candidates in the selection process. .

Thus, the recruiter is not affected by the prejudices before the interview, and at the same time, the selection is made where the ability and experience of the candidate determine his appointment.

Enough that Blind resume Include your academic, work, and initials to identify you and a phone or email where you can be contacted.

This method of employment was born in the 1970s in the United States within the technical sector, but gained strength until the year 2000, when HR They applied it, he said Business, Human resource programs.

But Blind CV It has not been applied around the world to find work, so far, only the United States, Spain, Germany, France, Sweden, Finland and the United Kingdom are the only countries that bear this dynamic, while Mexico is left behind.

Advantages of a blind CV

  • Avoiding discrimination and promoting equality
  • Eliminate prejudices
  • Avoidance of ‘favoritism’
  • It is chosen positively because it depends only on skills and work experience
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Defects of a blind CV

  • A slow process as it requires more attention and more interviews
  • It produces some errors: The person may be trained, but he lives in a place far from the workplace
  • Does not guarantee non-discrimination: discrimination may be late, that is, when the interested party appears in an interview with the recruiter.

How to create a blind resume?

  • First, the job offered name and the date the CV was submitted should be put in place.
  • The first letters of the first and last names are added, as well as the phone number and email
  • Then, there will be a department with educational training in relation to the position, such as academic degrees, courses, workshops, or certificates.
  • Finally, you must have detailed information about the work experience.

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