What happened to Mitsuki in Harry Styles party?

Mistki is trending on Tiktok and this time not exactly because of his sad songs like “heart washer“Y no one‘, which you definitely heard on the stage, but because the singer suffered ridicule and criticism during a concert Harry Stiles in Glasgow, UK, where she participated in the opening.

In addition to having to contend with a difficult audience, a Tiktok user posted a video claiming that the Japanese singer “shocked” her with her stage performance by doing so. weird dances s “touch on stage”which has both fandoms unite to defend Mitsuki because even though we love Harry so much, we know that if the roles were reversed, Styles wouldn’t be criticized.

It is important to understand that this comparison does not seek at any point to blame Harry for what happened with Mitsuki and the audience, but rather that this comparison raises a very important conversation: why is the expression of feelings and sexuality punished in a woman but in a man something “artistic” and attractive?

So far, neither artist has spoken about the situation and nothing indicates a conflict between them, so we will continue to see Mitsky at concerts.

If you don’t know her, who is Mitsuki?

Mitsuki Miyawakiknown as Mitsky He is the author of some greats trends Which you definitely found on tiktok like no one” also “me and my husbandShe is also a Japanese-American singer and musician who debuted in January 2012 with the album abundanceAnd the that followed retired from sad s A new career in business in 2013, both released independently while studying at the State University of New York’s Purchasing Music Institute.

Later, Miyawaki decided to take a break from music and returned to the stage with Be a cowboy in 2018.

After his comeback and thanks to the pandemic, some of the best soundtracks from this album came out on the platform.

The singer’s music, also nicknamed “Queen of sad songs” She focuses so much on issues of vulnerability, love, and emotions that she herself has said that she feels incredibly appreciated when people can recognize her words.

On other occasions, Mitsky has also referred to herself as a narrator, hence part of the reason that her musical work is also somewhat theatrical and dramatic.

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