What does it mean when they write you the number “909”? – Teach me science

Today, using WhatsApp is one of our most visible habits, and it is no wonder that this application has truly revolutionized communication.

The world’s most popular instant messaging app and almost everyone’s favourite, has been making quite a splash since its launch in 2009. Since then, it has only taken three years for it to become the most used app of all time. Which, without a doubt, continues to stay at the top.

From text messages, to voice, video calls, stickers, photos, and even posting statuses on our profile is one of the uses we can give to WhatsApp.

A very effective line of communication, allowing us to communicate with our loved ones, as well as matters related to work or education, giving us direct access to messages or documents.

Although it is an application widely used by people of all ages, it is mostly used by young people, who have dedicated themselves to creating their own codes to understand conversations that they do not want adults to understand, and one of those codes is ‘909’. Then we’ll tell you what that really means.

909 in a WhatsApp message

A message that, if you saw it, would probably make you wonder, but here we will reveal its amazing meaning.

According to the official portal sportsThis number tends to be sent by people (who know its meaning) who have had surgery to explain that they “can’t eat”, as the meaning of the number 909 is “I can’t eat” and is translated into Spanish by people I can not eat.

This code, as mentioned earlier, is used by people who:

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  • They had surgery and can’t eat certain things
  • They are on a strict diet
  • They are patients

Don’t worry if you don’t understand this or any of the other codes that people are currently sending via their mobile phones, remember that everything is constantly changing and new generations introduce new words or customs.

Now that you know what this code means, pay close attention when they send it to you or if you are going through any of the above situations and want to tell someone that you can’t eat, you can do it using this code, and if they don’t understand it then don’t, don’t despair, explain to them With complete clarity and complete calm, remember that you were in his shoes.

Just as WhatsApp and many other applications have necessary updates, the same thing happens with people, who, although they do not update like a cell phone, do it with words, and in this way we can enter more into the context without any problem when they tell us a new word. Just make sure the meaning of the word is correct and you will not go wrong.

Share science, share knowledge.

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