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Monday, February 22, 2021 | 06:00.

I am
Netflix, online
In the post-apocalyptic period, the Earth became poisonous and the majority of humanity left the planet. A young scientist finds a relationship with a man, and they try to bring the world back together.

Beauty and the beast
Disney, YouTube, Online
Belle, a beautiful and bright young woman, takes her father’s place as a prisoner in the monsters’ castle. Little by little, the Brave Belle will realize that the beast has, in fact, a big heart.

It is not you, it is
Natti Jota

A book designed to overcome the pains of waiting for this to happen, or to fight the idea and say, “Why don’t I go instead of waiting?” Most of the time, the problem isn’t you, it is. And if I were you what? It’s all about being yourself.

What are you, Professor Foucault?
Michel Foucault – Horacio Pons
Michel Foucault who emerges from these pages reveals his sharpest, controversial and most decisive edges. Also the exact point where theoretical and political preferences support each other and mean each other.

Did I tell you recently
Rod Stewart
A song was released in 1991 on the album Vagabond Heart. It became the number five hit in the US and UK. It also reached fourth place in the list of Top 40 Billboards.

Fly me to the moon
Frank Sinatra
Released in 1964, the topic is closely related to the “Apollo” space program of NASA. In fact, a version of the song was played on the Apollo 10 mission orbiting the moon and on the Apollo 11 mission, before reaching the moon.

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