What do the four modern schools built by the Peruvian government with support from the United Kingdom and Finland look like from within?

The opening of the first four Bicentenario schools marks a major milestone at the start of the 2024 school year in Lima, providing thousands of students and teachers with new educational infrastructure. (Configuration: Infobae)

The long-awaited moment has finally arrived for thousands of students and teachers in different parts of Lima. this Monday 11 MarchMarking the start of the 2024 academic year, the inauguration of the first Four schools As part of the ambitious public investment project called Bicentennial Schools.

Among the institutions benefiting is the modern infrastructure of the Jorge Basadre Grauman Foundation located in the area Olive treess. This inauguration represents an important event for the local educational community.

he Bicentenary Schools Project It was announced in 2022 by the then Minister of Education, rosindo serna, For the purpose of design and construction 75 national schools. This initiative, which enjoys the support and cooperation of the United Kingdom and Finland, two strategic partner countries, involves a total investment of 4.250 million soles. It is expected that students from 21 regions in the capital, Lima, and nine regions in Peru will benefit from these works.

Virtual tour of the new Jorge Basadre Grohmann School located in Los Olivos. Menido

President Dina Bolwarti accompanied by other officials visited the educational institution and was given a tour of the facilities. Jose Alcides LopezThe school principal indicated that they currently serve 1,050 high school students, both male and female, and more than 215 students from the Center for Alternative Basic Education (CEBA), with morning, afternoon, and afternoon appointments.

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In addition, he shared the situation from the previous year, when the school was operating Temporary classroomsGenerate expectations about new building construction. “At first, with the doubt, we didn’t think they would deliver it to us this year,” he said. but, Construction was completed on timeopening a Three-storey structure With innovative classrooms and workshops, equipped with internet access and modern equipment. The library has also been renovated to improve learning and provide optimal teaching conditions.

Students have it now Cabinets For your property, classrooms equipped with technology such as projectors, televisions, and computer areas with laptops. In addition, the school owns 15 classrooms for secondary educationScience and technology laboratories, workshops and creative education, in addition to administrative and monitoring spaces. The design of the courtyard, which is large and covered, includes ramps to facilitate access for students with disabilities.

San Felipe Bicentennial School of Comas (Bicentennial Schools)

Educational community in San Felipe Educational Foundation In Lima Norte it celebrated the handover of its new bicentennial school next 10 months of construction. Located in the Kumas region, the institution is part of the investment program that seeks to promote education in the country, with a significant investment Q/62 million 344 thousand 332. This new educational center aims to benefit 1584 students.

With a total of 30 classrooms for the secondary stageThe library, art workshops, science and technology laboratories, in addition to educational innovation classes I San Felipe It provides its students with a modern and appropriate environment to acquire new knowledge. Building, from Four floorsIt also includes administrative and educational environments, such as multi-purpose rooms and administrative management spaces, ensuring a complete educational experience.

Bicentennial School IE 0085 José de la Torre Ugarte (Bicentennial Schools)

In the area AugustinianEducational institution José de la Torre Ugarte Ready to receive 766 students With investment Q/53 million 495 thousand 572. This bicentenary school stands out as a benchmark of modernity and functionality 26 semesters in secondary educationEducational innovation classrooms, science and technology laboratories, creativity and education workshops, among other administrative and educational spaces.

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head teacher, Pedro PorrasHe expressed his satisfaction at the completion of this long-awaited project. “It is very important to see a project that we really need to take shape: new infrastructure for our students. I feel very proud of this project, and I know that more achievements will come,” the authority commented.

In Cercado de Lima, IE 0035 Nuestra Señora de la Visitación will be one of the first schools in the bicentennial. (Secondary Schools)

the Educational Institution 0035 Our Lady of Visitationlocated in the area Lima fenceReceive 959 students With a major investment of 56 million Singapore 715 thousand 100. This Bicentenary School is distinguished by its modernity and functionality, with 19 semesters in secondary educationEducational innovation classrooms, science and technology laboratories, as well as creativity and education workshops.

IE Nuestra Señora de la Visitación becomes a conducive place for learning and integral development of its students. With environments designed to foster creativity and innovation, this educational institution It seeks to provide a rich experience to its beneficiaries, including a multi-purpose hall, administrative spaces, and outdoor spaces prepared for observation and entertainment. With modern infrastructure adapted to the needs of the 21st century,… Bicentennial School It is positioned as a benchmark for quality education in the Lima region.

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