What countries in Europe do not require a visa for Argentines to enter

The current economic situation, with The dollar is trading well above $300 With forecasts of $400 for the end of the year or the early days of 2023, many young people and families are already They plan to immigrate to Europe. There are even people who have decided to live in Latin American countries such as Brazil, Uruguay or Chile.

The problem is that many of the countries we want to travel to are difficult to settle in, because Request a visa or specific papers/certificates. However, there are other places in the world where it is easy to enter and obtain residency, citizenship or citizenship.

What countries can you travel to without a visa?

Argentinians Can travel without a visa to a total of 175. Migrants can move to these countries without having to complete paperwork, before being approved by one of the immigration authorities at the place of destination.

The countries that require Argentines to obtain a visa, whether for tourism or for work, are: the United States, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Cuba, China and Jordan, among others. These countries require a traditional visa, which must be approved before travelling.


Some countries require a visa to enter and stay in

How many types of visas are there?

There are three types of visas:

  • Conventional visas: It is the one that must be obtained before the trip at the embassies or consulates of the different countries that request it. These countries can call the person interested in obtaining a visa and interview him in person, in order to find out what plans this person has in the country of destination.

  • Visas on arrival: They are those that can be processed at the same time the person arrives in the country of destination.

  • Electronic visas: They are those that can be processed from a web page, and fill out a form, without having to go in person to consulates or embassies, as in countries like the United States, that do the interviews.

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What countries do not require a visa for Argentines?

A visa is not required for:

Entry visa upon arrival:

  • Kenya ($50).

  • Nicaragua (10 US dollars).

  • Syria

  • Sri Lanka

  • Zambia ($50)

  • Zimbabwe



Argentines can travel without a visa to a total of 175 countries

The travel permit that must be obtained to go to Europe from 2023

Until now, Argentines can travel to the European Union with their national passport, without having to obtain any kind of visa or paperwork.

From May 2023, to travel to Europe, it will be necessary to have ETIAS CertificationEuropean Travel Information and Permits System. This visa waiver system will be launched at the end of 2022 and will be implemented next year.

ETIAS will be necessary for all people who You do not have a passport or citizenship of any EU country. Previously, no type of paper was necessary other than the original passport of the traveler.

For Argentines, “it will be an easy and straightforward process,” as they explain from the EU, because unlike a visa, “ETIAS processing does not require a visit to an embassy or consulate, as the procedure will be carried out exclusively online.” The model can be accessed from tablets, mobile phones or desktop computers.

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